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Our 100th Spring!

So far our 100th year has been a record setter.  Between the end of January through mid -March we received more snow than has ever been recorded in Worcester, Massachusetts.  My very large yellow […]

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New Englanders Love Fall

All New Englanders love Fall. Fall is apple picking, pumpkins, crisp days, and gorgeous foliage, so why am I writing about THIS fall as though it is something special. Cuz it is! We are […]

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And this is why we live here!

And this is why we live here! As we all suffered through essentially 5 months of winter , heating bills that competed with mortgage payments, and we couldn’t walk outside without risking life and […]

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Over the winter when we were developing our new website, we all thought it was a terrific idea if I wrote a blog each week.   Now that it’s June and the site is up […]

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Spring is Here and so is our new Site

This is very exciting! A new Website and blog to be able to chat with folks each week. Late spring is the busiest time of the year for us, especially this year since we […]

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